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European River CruisesTeeming River Cruises started with owners Jeff and Gina Paglialonga’s thought that a European river cruise should be more accessible to many more people…that it shouldn’t stay unchecked at the bottom of so many Bucket Lists. This independent family-owned company is an American owned and operated business.  Although newly founded the beginning of 2017, their story began well before that.  The twosome’s love for travel spans decades as does their romance (High school sweethearts, fellow University of Florida graduates, marries 32+ years with four children). They have instilled the same love of travel, adventure & exploration into all their four kids.  They have toured the globe (visiting 6 out of the 7 continents) both as a couple and as a family.

Much of their globetrotting has been on cruise ships (the Caribbean, Alaska, the Greek Islands, the Baltic, the Mediterranean, Australia & New Zealand…). Ships have become their floating hotels as they’ve explored distant lands and immersed themselves in the culture of some of the world’s most stunning cities and fascinating countries on well over 25 cruises. As Saint Augustine so wisely noted, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” The Paglialongas love flipping the pages with their family, concentrating on collecting memories & moments over things. 

After recently branching out from “ocean cruisers” to “river cruisers” (i.e. voyaging on 2 European river cruises), they recognized a need for a different kind of river cruise. Cruises that offered more…more affordability, more flexibility, more control for each individual cruiser, more time in port, more active-lifestyle options, more hands-on experiences, and more immersion in the local culture. Cruises that offered more for less, with a more active cruiser in mind. Accordingly, they founded Teeming River Cruises ~ teeming with affordability, flexibility, individual control, active options, port time…teeming with distinction from typical river cruises.

Jeff and Gina have built their home on faith, family, and fun; and strive to build this company on the same. Enthusiastically, they are embarking on this new venture with Teeming River Cruises after being in the travel business for over 10 years. The Paglialongas own both an Insurance Agency and a vacation rental property management company, Teeming Vacation Rentals. Although selling different products, each business is focused on delivering legendary customer service.

We personally invite you to sail with Teeming River Cruises~ Half the Price, Twice the Fun!

As avid travelers and fellow cruisers, we understand the concerns of our guests, initiating the tagline Teeming River Cruises, by Travelers for Travelers. We have designed our river cruises with you in mind. (Jeff and Gina Paglialonga were on board the July 2017 maiden voyage and intend to continue to join passengers on many of the sailings, as well as, remain intricately involved in the details and arrangements of each cruise.)

We only want you, our guest, to pay for those experiences you wish to participate in. We want you to feel free to explore on your own and at your own pace, instead of being regimented to a short window of time for personal exploration and shopping. Take a seat at a café, browse at the local outdoor market, hike to a nearby landmark, visit a local cathedral, explore historical sites, shop in quaint boutiques, dine on regional dishes, sample local wine…Teeming River Cruises, Explore More for Less. 

Remember it’s your cruise, created with you in mind. Teeming River Cruises features longer times in port than most other ships. We don’t want to rush you. Take time to explore, to experience, to discover…to stretch.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

–Oliver Wendell Holmes

Be our guests on Teeming River Cruises, where vacations come first and memories last!
–Jeff & Gina Paglialonga[/read]

“For many would-be travelers river cruising remains only a dream. The cost of the experience has been prohibitive for many travelers who would love to see Europe by river ship but simply cannot justify the expense. That’s changing as new operators like Teeming River Cruises introduce river cruises that go for around $200 per person per day.”
–Ralph Grizzle, RiverCruiseAdvisor.com