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Teeming River Cruises’ City Walking Tour App

Each passenger will receive complimentary access to the Teeming River Cruises’ City Walking Tour App. This innovative app is a first class guide for all the ports we visit. Along with detailed information such as opening/closing times of sites and entry prices; this app is an online map (with no roaming costs) and allows for off-line navigation between the points of interest and a “get me home” button for finding your way back to the ship. With Teeming River Cruises, you can explore on your own and at your own pace.

Teeming River Cruises City Walking Tour App Demonstration. Our app features a “Take Me Back to the Ship” button.  Click the video to watch.

As each specific cruise nears we will send out an email that will give you the credentials so you are able to download the app containing all the ports for your cruise. Included are Points of Interest with a brief summary, a map to direct you to each point of interest, the scheduled Teeming Docking location of the ship, and Star Points which will highlight bars, eateries, Christmas Markets, special shops (no, we don’t get anything from any of these places for having them on our app), interesting points of interest or unique places. Due to the limited bandwidth of the Wi-Fi service on board, passengers are urged to download the app prior to the cruise. Note, due to the size of the data, this can be a lengthy process and it is best to use your home high-speed internet Wi-Fi. As travel becomes more tethered to our digital devices (phones) for maps, information, UBER, and all kinds of information, we highly suggest you pay for your carriers International service plan, to have complete cell service while abroad. This service can average between $10-$15 per day depending on your carrier.

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