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Excursion Sign Up: Grignan & Truffle Tour April 7, 2020

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    Teeming River Cruises invites you to join your Cruise Director, Kate, for a fascinating expedition to the medieval village of Grignan, France. This hilltop gem is crowned by the Château de Grignan, the largest Renaissance Castle in south-east France, and is renowned for their sweeping vistas of lavender fields and being home to the elusive (and highly coveted!) black truffle. Spend an hour exploring this beautiful walled city and picturesque estate of Ayme Truffle, where you’ll dig into the history of the truffle, marvel at the dogs trained to sniff out this delicacy of kings, and of course enjoy a tasting of both tuber and oils! The total excursion time is 3 hours, including travel time.