Airfare Search Request Form


If you need help in finding competitive airfare, we offer a customized air booking service. We have wholesale contracts and are seeing great rates. To the right, you can see the difference our Consolidated Airfare can make! On the left is our discounted tour fare and to the right is the lowest published airfare to the general public. We charge $50 non-refundable service fee per person to book your airfare. Even if booked through us, please note your airline ticket constitutes a contract between yourself and the airline (and not Teeming River Cruises).

No itinerary will be booked until you have had a chance to review and approve. In order to search, we will need copies of each passenger’s passport and a copy of the front and back of the credit card being used to purchase airfare. (Airfare rate change constantly. We need your info onhand so when you approve we can immediately reserve your airfare.) After submitting this form, you will receive an email notification. Please reply to this notification and attach images of each passenger’s passport. The easiest way to send those to us is to take a photo on your phone and then attach them to your reply. We will also need any and all hotel confirmations for your trip. Before we can charge and book your airfare we wil also need a picture of the fron and back of the credit card you wish to use. The airlines keep tight control over the fare rules and this is all part of getting the discount fare. They need to prove to the authorities that you are in fact staying in Europe and spending money!

Once you approve airfare itinerary (via email) and airfare is booked, all changes must be handled directly with the airline per their Contract of Carriage. You will need to sign up with your email address (set up an account) directly with the carrier and we recommend downloading their application on your phone. All future communication after booking regarding your airfare and changes must be handled directly with the carrier via phone or online. Note that these discounted fares CANNOT be upgraded once purchased. Your best chance for an upgrade is to try when you check in online or at the airport. If you want Business Class you need to have us book Business Class.

Your smartphone is the best way to manage, choose seats, change seats, check-in, get boarding passes, add your Frequent Flyer account, add your TSA or Global Entry information and handle your air travel.

Teeming River Cruises is not liable and assume no responsibility or accept claims with regard to seat assignments, name changes, schedule changes, flight changes, cancellations, claims for refund or reimbursement of airline ticket fees, or any other loss or expense incurred by you for any reason whatsoever (including without limitation to bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization of a carrier or similar relief from creditors) when purchasing or using the carrier’s services. The flight booking service offered by Teeming River Cruises can only be used in conjunction with a Teeming River Cruises trip. E-Tickets must be secured directly from the airline. If we make airline reservations for you, or contracted low rates do not allow Teeming River Cruises to choose or manage seat assignments. Not all airlines offer pre-assigned seats and some may impose additional charges for pre-assigned seats. Any additional charge imposed by any airline will be at your sole expense. Seating is solely under the control of the airline, as are the itinerary changes resulting from flight delays and schedule changes. We are not responsible for seat assignment changes made by the airline. Frequent flyer programs are private agreements between airlines and passengers, and we cannot be held responsible for mileage discrepancies involving airline loyalty reward programs. Some governments charge departure taxes and/or fees. These fees are the responsibility of each passenger traveling to the designated country and are not included unless stated. Flight cancellations, delays and schedule changes are the sole responsibility of the airline. Any additional charge imposed by any airline will be at your sole expense. Itinerary changes resulting from flight delays and schedule changes are the sole responsibility of the airline and Teeming River Cruises accepts no responsibility or liability for such delays or rescheduling. No refunds will be provided by Teeming River Cruises for portions of trips missed due to canceled, rescheduled, or delayed flights after airport check-in, nor is Teeming River Cruises responsible for any additional expenses you may incur prior to joining your trip if you miss your departure flight or flight connection.

If you miss your departure flight or connection, it is your responsibility to work with the airline on which you are ticketed to reach your destination. All airfares quoted at the time of your booking will be based on roundtrip purchase and will include air-related taxes, fees and fuel surcharges imposed by the airlines. Any additional fees charged by the airlines such as checked baggage fees, seat selections and/or any other services are your sole responsibility. Flight itineraries provided are subject to change by the Air Carrier(s).

Airlines require your name to appear on your airline ticket exactly as it appears on your passport. We shall not be responsible or liable for consequences of a name on an airline reservation and passport not matching exactly. We shall not be responsible or liable for costs resulting from airline schedule changes, lost air ticket, delay, disruption or canceled flights; lost baggage or missed connections. TSA regulations require us to collect the full first, middle and last name as it appears on your passport or government-issued ID, as well as the date of birth and gender. This information is required before we can book your air. Teeming River Cruises is not responsible for denied boarding or reissue costs due to an incorrect name, date of birth, or gender information supplied to Teeming River Cruises.