MS Johann Strauss

Introducing the newly renamed MS Johann Strauss (formerly Sound of Music). Each cabin of this “four-star superior” rated ship (Cabins A, B, C, D & E) provides a relaxing private sanctuary on the river. Like any luxury hotel, individual staterooms offer a comfortable retreat after a full day of exploring and a window to drink in the passing scenery. Each has a fully equipped bathroom with a shower, bath & body products, hair dryer and built-in closets. Furthermore, each cabin is furnished with a safe deposit box, individual thermostat for air conditioning and heating, direct-dial telephone and flat-screen TV with satellite.

NOTE: Cabin E 101 – 108 staterooms feature a double (full plus 1″- 55″ wide) bed which cannot be separated.

Cabin A – Danube Deck – 165 sqft – 23 rooms (Double/Twin room)
Rooms 301-323, 325
Outside cabin
Highest accommodation level
Floor to Ceiling French Balcony (43 sqft sliding door)
Double-bedded – bed can convert into 2 twins

Cabin B – Rhine Deck – 195 sqft – 6 rooms (Double/twin)
Rooms 205 -210
Outside cabin
Panoramic Window 16 sqft
Double-bedded – bed can convert into 2 twins

Cabin C – Rhine Deck – 165 sqft – 23 rooms (Double/twin)
Rooms 211- 212, 214-233, 235
Outside cabin
Middle of deck
Panoramic Window 29 sqft window which can be open
Double-bedded – bed can convert into 2 twins

Cabin D – Rhine Deck – 165 sqft – 4 rooms (Double/twin)
Rooms 201-204
Outside cabin
Forward on deck
Window 16 sqft
Double-bedded – bed can convert into 2 twins

Cabin E – Moselle Deck – 128 sqft – 10 rooms (Double room)
Rooms 101-110
Middle of deck
Small window 8 sqft
Double bed cannot be separated (55” full size)

This ship is embarking upon the following cruises:

Staterooms & Suites

Category A - Danube Deck with French Balcony- 165 sq ft – 23 rooms (Double/Twin room)

Category B - Large Window Rhine Deck with More Room – 195 sq ft – 6 rooms (Double/twin)

Category C - Panorama Window Rhine Deck with Large Window – 165 sq ft – 23 rooms (Double/twin)

Category D - Panorama Window Rhine Deck Classic– 165 sq ft – 4 rooms (Double/twin)

Category E - Outside Window Moselle Deck – 128 sq ft – 10 rooms (Double room)

Deck Plans

Length: 110 m / 361 feet
Width: 11.4 m / 37.5 feet
Draft: 1.65 m / 5.41 feet
Engines: MAK 2 x 720 PK/HP Cruise speed: 22 km/h

Name: MS Johann Strauss (formerly Sound of Music)
Type: Passenger vessel
Owner: BL Cruise Invest AG
Call Sign: DC4422
Port of registry: Hamburg, Germany
ENI Number:07001647
MMSI No.: 211484110
Built: 2006  Renovation Fall/Winter 2018
Passengers: 132
Passenger cabins: 66

Ship Amenities

Waltz on board the Johann Strauss and enter the melodic elegance of European river cruising. Your heart will wont “to sing every song it hears” as you relish the bright, whimsical style of this delightful ship. The rich and famous traveled through Europe in style, enjoying elaborate meals, decadent company and fine wines. Now you can too. The Johann Strauss resonates fanciful style, drawing you into your own whimsical journey along the iconic Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers.

Everything on board the enchanting Johann Strauss resounds bright and airy elegance, infused with imagination and vibrant color. Panoramic views from the Wachau Lounge and Bar engulf you in the surrounding fairytale landscape. Well appointed, comfortable sofas and chairs beckon passengers to relax and drink in the bordering ambiance. Your stay on the Sound of Music will be a fairy-tale dream in itself, not to mention the captivating ports of call.

Dining on the Johann Strauss is a symphony of pleasures. Seated at private tables with crisp white linen, candles, embossed silver and fine porcelain, you will dine in style. The cuisine of the Sound of Music is truly inspired. Freshly prepared dishes made with local ingredients are accompanied by carefully selected wines. Whilst you enjoy the relaxed conversation and watch the landscape tranquilly pass you by, courses seamlessly follow one another. Breakfasts and lunches on the Johann Strauss are à la carte, and of a lyrical allure. In the afternoons, you can enjoy the Afternoon Tea, a European tradition. Bon appétit!

This fanciful ship offers you the ideal way to discover the romantic Heart of Europe. Enjoy the extraordinary devotion of the warm and caring staff on this resplendent ship celebrated for its delightful reputation. Once you stay on board, your heart too will be blessed with the MS Johann Strauss. We invite you to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience and take pleasure in a resounding array of on-board amenities.

  • 110 meters of pure effervescence gives you a taste for the private yacht experience
  • attentive crew members, a diverse team of associates with fluency in multiple languages
  • Featuring 132 guests
  • Bright and spacious Wachau Lounge offering panoramic views and specialty drinks
  • Budapest Restaurant presenting a myriad of choices for your dining pleasure
  • Concierge services, laundry, a ‘24/7 Business Center’, safe deposit boxes
  • Top Sun Deck featuring sun chairs to take in the fresh air along with the fairytale scenery

Ship Photos

Ship Plan