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Athens Roundtrip - Eclectic Aegean

April 8, 2023

8 Days | 6 Cities | 2 Countries

MS Celestyal Crystal


Discover the dazzling diversity and historic treasures of the glorious Greek Islands and the Eastern Mediterranean. Blessed with stunning scenery, shimmering emerald bays, dramatic cliffs, and fascinating architecture, this 7-night cruise is a full-filled and fascinating adventure you do not want to miss.

Experience the vibrant markets of Istanbul, savor the rich flavors and aromas of the Cyclades, and discover the rich history and fascinating legends of mythical gods and centaurs.

This cruise is not exclusive to Teeming River Cruises. Teeming River Cruises is partnering with Celestyal Cruises The cruise will be booked with Celestyal as our provider and Teeming River Cruises will assist in setting up your cruise details

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Depart: 3:00 PM

Breathtaking panoramas await you on your Eclectic Aegean 7-night odyssey. Before heading out to sea, take the time to explore the sprawling capital of Athens and step back in time across more than three millennia. Clustered around its landmark 5th-century BC Acropolis are many historically important archaeological sites. And as you wait to board, enjoy the captivating ambiance by the harbour’s edge.

Arrival: 3:00 PM

Celestyal’s adventure next takes us to the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul, and today you have the chance to see it from a unique perspective. Sailing down the Bosphorus Strait on a private boat, you’ll catch spectacular views of the Topkapi Palace and Rumeli Hisari Fortress. Followed by a wander around the historic spice market to set your senses ablaze.

Depart: 6:00 PM

An Istanbul morning is rich with the melodic call to prayer and the scent of spices going to market. This is one of the world’s truly great cities, wonderfully eclectic and full of opportunities. Be sure to take in the city’s skyline, embellished with the silhouetted minarets of lavish Byzantine and imperial mosques, to get a sense of what makes Istanbul so special.

Depart: 8:00 PM

Perched on the slopes of Mt Symvolo, this vibrant seaport resort has been a little-known favorite for centuries. Its name, Kavala, is said to have been based on Alexander the Great’s favorite horse. These days it’s also affectionately known as ‘the blue city’, boasting crystal-clear waters and dreamy sea views. For a taste of ancient life, you can also explore the nearby ruins of Neapolis and Philippi, with a specialist guide bringing their stories to life.

Depart: 7:00 PM

Thessaloniki’s ancient ruins rooted in the middle of the city create a rich tapestry sewn with a Roman Agora, the Arch of Galerius, the Rotonda, the Byzantine Baths, and the Crypt of Agios Demetrios together with the neoclassical architecture and the impressive Aghia Sofia. The island also has a reputation for its sumptuous culinary delights and delicious pastries.

Depart: 6:30 PM

Volos itself offers everything you need for an exciting or relaxing day in port. Step off your Volos cruise, and you’re greeted by a thriving university city whose energetic pace will whisk you up into its whirlwind of activity, along the edge of the beautiful natural harbor and in the tsipouradika- traditional tavernas- and set you on a course to uncover some real architectural gems, both ancient and neoclassical. Wander around and you’ll find grand urban mansions sitting beside nods to the city’s long-lasting industrial heritage.

Depart: 8:00 PM

The mesmerizing landscape of Santorini is instantly recognizable all over the world. The sweeping cluster of traditional whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches are instantly recognizable, and you have the opportunity to experience the island’s charming villages on Celestyal’s complimentary excursions to the picturesque beauty spot of Oio perched on the Caldera rim. You won’t want to forget your camera.

Arrival: 7:00 AM

Celestyal’s cruise arrives back in Athens early where you will have the entire day to explore the magic of this modern metropolis. The heart of ancient Greece is the cultural home to numerous important archaeological sites and famous landmarks. Take your time to discover the highlights, or alternatively uncover the colorful street art or relax on the gorgeous golden-sand beaches.

Please Note: For navigational reasons and passenger safety, Teeming River Cruises and the captain reserve the right to modify the cruise itinerary as necessary. These Optional Excursions may or may not be offered, since availability is subject to number of participants and weather conditions.

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