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Travel Insurance

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Coverage Information

Where not otherwise excluded, customers may still have coverage in some cases.

Coverage for Emergency Medical/Dental expenses and Emergency Medical Transportation may be available for a customer who becomes ill while traveling.

Customers who are seriously ill or who are denied boarding by their travel supplier due to their serious illness, or have family members, traveling companions, or hosts outside the United States who are seriously ill, may be covered if they need to cancel or interrupt their trip.  Further, customers who are quarantined or subject to mandatory government-ordered evacuations at their destination may also be covered if they have to cancel or interrupt their trip.  Customers canceling or interrupting their trip for these reasons may be eligible to receive a reimbursement of their lost prepaid, non-refundable travel deposits and other covered expenses, as specified in their plan.

Customers who purchased our Cancel Anytime product and meet the requirements of coverage for that product may cancel their trip for almost any unforeseen reason and receive reimbursement for a portion of their lost non-refundable travel deposits. Please review the policy for specific details.

If a customer’s travel is delayed due to quarantine or a travel carrier delay, they may be eligible to be reimbursed for covered expenses incurred as a result of that delay, depending on and as specified in their plan.

Cruise customers who have Missed Port of Call Coverage may be covered if their cruise misses a scheduled port of call indicated on the original itinerary or replaces it with another port of call and may receive a payment to compensate them for a missed port of call, up to the maximum benefit listed for Missed Port of Call Coverage on the customer’s Declaration of Coverage.

Again, please note, most plans, including Cancel Anytime plans, contain general exclusions from coverage for any loss directly or indirectly due to any loss, condition, or event that was known or foreseeable when the plan was purchased, or due to an epidemic (for more information, click here).  Further, most plans contain a general exclusion from coverage for losses directly or indirectly due to acts, travel alerts/bulletins, or prohibitions of any government or public authority except as expressly covered.  As such, travelers should review their plan and contact Allianz with any questions.

For FAQ’s regarding coverage and COVID19 please visit this link Allianz Travel Insurance FAQ’s CV19

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