Aug 06, 2017, 3:45 PM

Hi, I traveled on Teeming River Cruises’ maiden voyage from July 21-Aug.4, Amsterdam to Budapest. It was wonderful. The owners of the company, Jeff and Gina, have the goal to make the experience as reasonable in cost as possible, without sacrificing quality. (They were on this first cruise, and are delightful and hard working.) I am not sure of all the ways the low price was accomplished. But some things that helped were an a la carte approach taken for many things. Passengers could chose to opt in and pay for tours of port stops. If one would rather to explore independently, one did not pay for the tour. Also, there was not a free, unlimited bar, which suited us well. Coffee and tea were always available without charge.

The ship, the Royal Crown, was not new, but it had a wonderful atmosphere and was comfortably luxurious. The captain, cruise director, and the ship’s staff were all amazing. We had a lower priced room, and it was lovely. The ship was very clean and the rooms were serviced twice daily. The staff was cheerful and hardworking. The food was wonderful, and there was a large selection presented elegantly. Our daughter had no problems eating gluten free and lactose intolerant.

Over all, other passengers were also very pleased.

I would not be afraid to travel with them again, and many of the passengers plan to do so on the upcoming March trip leaving from Amsterdam. I imagine it will fill up quickly, as the Royal Crown with Captain Hans are on the schedule.

Cathryn Brown    Celakovice, Czechoslovakia

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Aug 10, 2017, 11:38 AM

My wife and I just returned from Budapest after Teeming River Cruises maiden river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest on the Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers.

We are not going to repeat what was said in the above #9 comment but TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE ASSESSMENT with everything that was written.

We have taken many ocean cruises before but wanted to take this river cruise for a long time but couldn’t afford the going rate. Teeming has just opened up a new idea for river cruising which they call “a la carte” and it made all the difference for us in affordability. We had some friends take the one week cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest with a different river cruise company, at the same time we took our cruise, and paid considerably more than we did for our two week cruise.

The trip was an absolute delightful experience for us and look forward to taking another with them very soon.

Welcome to a new way of River Cruising that may help to bring down the prices of the more expensive cruise companies. Look up “Teeming River Cruises” online to get an idea of what is being offered and pricing that is very reasonable for river cruising.

Ron Fuller   Meridian, Idaho

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Aug 10, 2017, 9:14 PM

We also just returned from The 14 night Amsterdam to Budapest Teeming River Cruise that began July 21. We are experienced cruisers having done 40 ocean cruises and one previous river cruise on Viking. When we booked the Teeming cruise we were a little worried that the quality of the ship, service ,or food would be low because of the low price of the cruise.However we were very pleased that everything about this cruise was first rate. Every bit as good or better than Viking ( which we also enjoyed).

Teeming is able to keep the price low primarily by not including the tours in the base price. Tours were available as an option and were very fairly priced. On a river cruise in Europe you often dock in the center of town and don’t need transportation. Teeming had a port lecture prior to each stop and also provided a free City Guide app with GPS mapping that once it was loaded did not required an internet connection. So this was perfect for us as we are experienced independent travelers. Most fellow passengers did a mixture of tour days and independent days. Even if you bought every tour the price is a fraction of the mainstream cruise lines such as Viking.

Beer , wine and soft drinks were included with lunch and dinner. Drinks purchased at the bar were fairly priced.

The staff was excellent.

We are looking forward to booking another Teeming River Cruise.

John Ivins   Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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Aug 20, 2017, 12:25 PM

Excellent cruise from AMS to BUDA, the Royal Cown is a charming boat with Captain Hans and a high pro crew.

Our thanks,

to Denise an her group at the reception as Lucien And Adriana in the mess hall, plus the cheff.

to the big Jure and Aron in the lounge.

To Zlotan and his piano perform.

To Iouana for mantain our nice castle always clean and perfect.

To the Queen Kate for her pro work as a Cruise Director.

We are sea cruises lovers but this is quiet diferent, river sail permit to see beatiful riverines constantly plus interact more direct with nice people.

Thanks ans best wishes to all.

Hugo de La Rocha   Barranco, Peru

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August 19th, 2017, 07:23 AM

I recently returned from a 14 night Amsterdam to Budapest river cruise on Teeming River Cruises. I booked it because of the excellent price but I was concerned that the quality might be low. Since this was their first cruise there was very limited information on what to expect. However I can say without reservation that this was a great cruise experience. I had previously done one Viking River Cruise and over 40 ocean cruises. The Teeming cruise was every bit as nice in all areas as the Viking. They save cost by not including excursions. Some excursions are available for a reasonable extra cost. If you are somewhat a do it yourself type traveler this is a great cruise line. There were some ports you had to walk 20-30 min to town where Viking or others would probably bus you. But thats how Teeming cut down a lot of cost. They would call a taxi for you if that was an issue which it was for a couple of people with mobility problems. So even if you taxied everywhere and/or took all of the optional excursions the great value was still there. They are new and growing so they will only have a couple of cruises in Europe next year but I would certainly recommend taking a look a Teeming.

John Ivins   Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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I was on this maiden voyage and it surpassed all my expectations! I loved the fact that there were only 90 passengers and about 20 crew. We all got to know each other and I made a point of meeting all the other passengers. I’m sure I’ve made some new friends and I was so pleased to see them again in this video. You can’t go wrong going on a Teeming cruise. I’m telling all my friends how they missed out on the July 2017 cruise but that they should try one next year. My hat is off to all concerned- the Paglialongas, the crew and the wonderful cruise director Kate and all the wonderful passengers. This was a trip of a life-time, a real bucket list opportunity and I’m glad I did it.

Georgetta Walsh

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Yes. Went on their July 14 day cruise. It was fabulous and worth every penny spent. Not sure if they are using the same boat but the ms crown was fantastic in an old world charm style.


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My wife and I went in June. The trip was from Amsterdam to Budapest. There are not enough superlatives to give to this trip. The boat, although refurbished, was absolutely beautiful in design and detail. Teeming River staff worked extremely hard to ensure that everyone had a spectacular time. The itinerary of stops were a great representation of the cities/towns in the various cultures. I will unequivocally endorse this company and trip. I have already e-mailed all my friends so they can take advantage of this cruise.

The price, although made one skeptical of a potential scam, was legitimate. The ship help 90 passengers with very comfortable quarters. The chef prepared great meals and the beer and wine flowed liberally. Do not hesitate to use this company. I know we can’t wait to participate in their next adventure.

Dennis Stefanelli   Fair Lawn, New Jersey

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We also took this first trip with Teeming and it was every thing that was quoted and a lot more ,no bull, good people well organised great food and excellent crew and staff . Not skimpy with the drinks at meal time and reasonable prices at the bar and deck . We are also well travelled and the optional tours suited us fine. We did do the concert in Vienna and it was excellent and was very reasonably priced . Being Australian we hate required gratuities ( owners should pay a fair base wage) but in this case they where worth it . Congratulations Jeff, Top trip and exceptional value and have already recommended Teeming River cruises to friends and rellys .

Max & Bev Earsman    Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia

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My wife and I decided to take this cruise on the “Royal Crown” to celebrate our anniversary. The price was excellent, so, we decided to take our first river cruise. A lot different than an ocean cruise. First of all, much more intimate atmosphere, when you only have about 90 people on board. While tours were available for a price, I loved the idea that we could make our own arrangements and walk around the small towns without being forced into groups. The ship docked in the middle of town for the most part, so, walking around was not a problem. And on those occasions, when needed, they arranged for transportation. Meals were excellent, top notch, prepared by chefs who at times came out to mingle with guests. The ship had a very classy, old world look, so, it was comfortable and felt luxurious. One of the highlights was the cruise director, Kate Barella, who gave port talks before each stop, and was very helpful to all. The captain and crew were very open and accommodating, mingling with guests. I would say that this was an exceptionally great experience…capped by a beautiful concert in Vienna, at the Arsenal, arranged specifically for the passengers of the Royal Crown.

Sergio Donofrio    Leesburg, Virginia

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We also traveled on the maiden voyage with Teeming River Cruises and cannot speak highly enough of our experience and the team.

There is nothing that we can imagine could have been better. The ship for this cruise was delightful, the furnishings classically excellent and the entire trip left me feeling very honored to have been able to be one of the first ever to experince Teeming River Cruises.

We have already booked for their March 18 tour.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are better off paying twice as much to enjoy plastic stacking chairs on the top deck with a well known brand. You cannot do better than this!

Aden and Janie Murcott   Worcestershire, United Kingdom

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Sep 29, 2017, 2:17 AM

Tom and I went on this Maiden Voyage with Teeming this summer and we were completely impressed with the service, the staff, the meals, the price, the entertainment, the excursions, the options, the accommodations, the counties/villages/cities we visited (5 countries, 15 cities, 15 days) and the atmosphere Teeming River Cruises created. We met the sweetest people, had the most interesting conversations and were razzled and dazzled by an incredible and entertaining staff. We fell completely in love with the cruise director and the captain, who felt like family by the end of the voyage ~ it was sad to say goodbye! We loved the impromptu comedy nights put on by the guests, daily destination talks and scheduled entertainment they provided! To Tea or not to Tea was the only question we struggled with daily and all our troubles faded away ~ it was just incredible! We travel A LOT We’ve been to Europe several times and cruised too many times to count and this was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had. Floating by history, meadows, farms, small villages, ancient castles and age-old forts was simply magical. Engaging in the land tours that interested us was incredibly enlightening and very interesting ~ but taking a break when we wanted to and strolling the quaint villages, stumbling upon the best food we ever tasted was just so satisfying and restorative. The boat we cruised upon, The Royal Crown, was so elegant and romantic and we were so happy this boat was chosen for this voyage, it complimented the all the beauty we were surrounded by and its own history enriched the history we were discovering. Jeffrey Paglialonga and Gina Paglialonga you should be exceptionally proud. Your Maiden Voyage was beyond our expectations and we thank you for showing us a beautiful glimpse of our wonderful world! Every little nuance of your care and thoughtful amenities did not go unnoticed and it made the trip even more unbelievable. Congratulations on becoming one of the fastest and most successful small companies according to Inc. Magazine !!! We are so proud of you!

If you want to make your travel dreams come true –//–> look no further. Check them out! We highly recommend their company!

With Kate Barella, Valerie Thomas Budd, Robert Budd, Dani Chris Caslow, Cathryn Brown, Marshall T. Brown, Debbie Hubbard Plimpton, Gregory K Plimpton, Aden Murcutt, Laurie Botts and so many more special folks on the cruise… am I right???

Kryst’l DiPace  Lake Worth, Florida

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